We hold ourselves to a high moral standard and do our best to be ethical in our decision making, especially when it comes to manufacturers and how they treat their staff.

                Historically, it has been too easy for some factories to exploit workers for profit or fail to ensure the working environment is safe, something which is hard to believe in our part of the world. To ensure we are using the right factories we regularly visit and review their employee practices. We believe we have a role in helping our suppliers raise their standards. It is not just about obtaining certification on a particular day – it is about helping them achieve on-going improvement.


As a member of the global cooperative IPPAG we have aligned our values in accordance with WRAP’s 12 principles (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)


                We source our products ethically and produce responsibility. When you choose any of our products, you are affiliating your company and brand with our strong social ethics and corporate responsibility regarding manufacturing.